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With Newsadoo we create a European news ecosystem and at the same time your own personal digital daily newspaper.

1 Subscription

Eliminate paywalls and other annoying barriers. You get access to everything you want in just one system. At a single monthly rate. With our Pro-Version, you can freely consume free and premium items from autumn onwards. And you do not have to have a guilty conscience. The sources will receive cash from Newsadoo for your clicks. This is how we create a functioning eco-system that gives publishers a digital business model. And everything will be easier for you.

Different forms of output

iOS or Android App, Alexa Skill, Desktop Version, Mobile Version, or even more innovative forms? With Newsadoo you consume news platform independent and across with one login in all channels. The output forms are constantly being expanded and improved. So you can update yourself anytime, anywhere, the way you want it. The different forms of output communicate with each other, they all fall back on the same core. That way, the system can learn from your habits and provide you with better and better service.

Individual Channels

The football club of the heart, the ski racer who is just about to win, the ex-politician sitting in the dock, the latest house building trends or the company you work for every day. There are so many topics, people or companies that you have a daily interest in. Keeping track of when and what is reported in which media has never been so easy. By means of artificial intelligence, the articles on these topics are compiled individually. And all you need to do is watch more in your channels.


Many sources, different perspectives. We not only show you what you want to hear, but also how others see things. Our intelligent algorithm combines articles from different sources, but at the same events, into a bundle. So you can get an overview with just a few clicks and form an opinion for yourself. And most of all, you do not get the same content multiple times from different sources, but only once from the source that you refer to most often on this topic.

Learning system

Not the algorithm determines what you see. Your input, behaviors, searches, created channels, bookmarks, likes, and many more interactions drive the system to where it can deliver better and better results. We are guided by your wishes and your behavior. And like a personal employee of yours, we are constantly evolving and learning from it.

Subscription Models

Currently free in the BETA version, from autumn on in the PRO version with even more features.

  • Beta / Basic


    • Up to 5 sources
    • Learning system
    • All standard functions (bundling, searching, bookmarks, history, etc.)
    • Create up to 5 channels
    • Link to source
    • With advertising

  • Classic

    4,99 € / Month

    • Up to 10 sources
    • Learning system
    • All standard functions (bundling, searching, bookmarks, history, etc.)
    • Create unlimited channels
    • Read content in Newsadoo or at the source
    • With advertising

  • Premium

    8,99 € / Month

    • Up to 15 sources
    • Learning system
    • All standard functions (bundling, searching, bookmarks, history, etc.)
    • Create unlimited channels
    • Read content in Newsadoo or at the source
    • Ad-Free


Once publishers were competitors. Soon they are partners.

Especially newspaper publishers are going through difficult times. Print is shrinking and digital is not working. The dependence on the big Internet giants is getting bigger. Some already accept that they will have to get along without advertising income in the future.

Through collaboration, we create innovative added value for users and advertisers, thus strengthening publishers digital market position. In short, we are building a Spotify for News. Affiliate publishers receive pro rata revenue, depending on the reach of their content. And publishers will have joint control of the entire eco-system over the medium term.
We have taken the first steps alone, now we point the way, we still take the risk, but we will hand over the helm completely to the partner publishers at the given time.

Publishers, publishers, bloggers, ... contact us! Just send us a short email to